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A casual fine dining restaurant

offering Indian cuisine and warm hospitality in a rustic historically preserved building.


Specializes in Vegetarian food. Freshly prepared with the best ingredients.


Pongal is a popular harvest festival in South India. Named after a sweet rice dish, Pongal is a three day festival that starts on 14th January of each year. On the first day, Pongal is offered to bhoji or Indran (the rain gods) for providing rain for the harvest. On the second day, Pongal is offered to Sun (surya). On the third day, the family’s cattle (mattu) is cleaned and dressed up with flowers, bells and color powder. This is the day to honor the cattle’s hard work for ploughing the filelds.

Festivities vary in different region. Some families clean their houses and throw away their old clothes but the main activity people from the entire village get together for a community feast to share their crops and thanks to all who have contributed to a successful harvest.

Pongal Restaurant

Specializes in Vegetarian food. Freshly prepared with the best ingredients, for those who live to eat not eat to live.

Our Location

103 Lexington Ave,
New York, NY 10016

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday
12:00 PM - 10:00PM

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